Special Offer

Have you ever though to yourself “I wish I could go to Iran easily”?
Well, “Arian Tour” has made your wish come true.
Being fully aware of the special regulations for the US, UK and Canadian citizens and recruiting some of the most experienced, licensed and registered tour guides, “Arian Tour” will provide you with the best possible conditions for a trip to Persia, regardless of your group size.
Our special services for you include:
Visa: Having the most powerful link with MFA, we can send you an invitation letter and a reference number to an Iranian consulate in Washington, New York, London or Toronto in very short time. You don’t even have to go to the consulate. Post your passports and receive it in a few days with your visa.
Tour guide: According to the regulations, the Us, UK and Canadian citizens must be accompanied by a registered tour guide all during their trip. We work with some of the most experienced registered tour guides, well educated in Persian history, civilization and sociology as well as being fluent in English, who will guarantee a fruitful and unforgettable journey to the magnificent Iran.
Hotels: We can get the best possible rates from a variety of decent four and five star hotels as well as some unique accommodation system in Iran called “Traditional Hotel”, in which buildings aging 200 years or more are conversed to hotels. Some examples are: “Ameri”, “Manouchehri” and “Sunrise” in Isfahan, “Nyiayesh” and “Golshan” in Shiraz and “Daad”, “Mehr” and “Safaeeieh” in Yazd. You can experience a true Persian life by staying in these hotels.
Reasonable rates: By reducing our profit margin, you can rest assured that you will get the best possible rates from “Arian Tour”.
Flexibility: No matter how much your budget is and whether you are an individual tourist or in a group, we will make a trip to Iran possible for you. Just tell us how much time you have and where you would like to visit and leave the rest to us.
Trust “Arian Tour” and enjoy the real Iranian hospitality in the Persian Empire.
We are here to assist you 24/7.