3days in shiraz

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Group from Nederland

Group from Dubai  

Tour: 3 days in shiraz 

Duration:3 Days

Date: October 2016

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Here you go Ali,





Good evening Piotr & Marion,

Me and my husband Andrzej participated in our very first trip with Trekkup Dubai to Iran/ Shiraz last week.  Please find below our feedback summarizing our experiences, which might help you while organizing future trips to that region:



- very good guide - Mohamed - with really good knowledge on history, especially at Persepolis, open and helpful in all possible situations

- very good food in all restaurantants

- smooth and efficient transportation (shuttle bus)

- convenient flights (hours and comfort)

- hotel in Shiraz

- all the sights that we saw/ visited


Improvement areas:

- time discipline - the group was far from being punctual and we usually waited 20 minutes until everyone gets back or goes down to the bus.  People demonstrated lack of respect with reference to time and even thought it was a weekend trip and things could be more relaxed, I think it is simply unfair to let other people (who are punctual) wait until those who are late come 15-20 mintues late.  If you sum up all those waiting times, a few hours might have been saved to be spent on egg. sightseeing


program composition - we went to Persepolis on last day of our trip and we had only 1 hour 15 minutes there. I believe it is not enough.  However, the day before, we spent 4-5 hours in the village Qanat, out of which 2 hours we spent at the restaurant.  In my opinion, Perspepolis should be on Friday (1st half of the day) and Qalat on Friday afternoon.  On Saturday - visit to Pink Mosque and Hafez mausoleum.  Then everyone would be happy.  


communication about flights schedule -Mohamed (our guide) claimed he wasn't informed about the time of flight back to Sharjah and he thought we would have 2 more hours in Persepolis.  In my opinion flight schedule should be the very first thing which is communicated to the local guide to make sure the program is well timed


Overall, we enjoyed this trip a lot and if time discipline was treated seriously as well as if we had more time in Persepolis, that would be a great trip!


Best Regards,

Aneta Stefanowicz

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