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Tour: around Iran
date: April 2017
Duration : 21 Days

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Thanks to you and your organisation, my discovery of Iran was an exceptional experience. Trough the many months of planning, your responsiveness to my different demands were greatly appreciated. Your flexibility and your willingness to accommodate my requests were an important element in customizing your Amazing Villages program to adjust to my needs. A very sincere thanks to you and your staff.

The driver/guide you assigned, Sahand Saeidi, was a perfect match, I could’n dream of somebody with such a high level of thoughtfulness and more attentive to my needs. Sahand made that trip memorable.


Of course, nothing is perfect. If I may raise a few elements of frustration, it would be on the planning and communication side. You planned a visit to the very important Jewelry National Museum on a Wednesday ( April 12) despite the fact that it is only open on Sat Sun and Tuesday. Because of that bad planning, I did’n see the Jewelry Museum and, of course, I am frustrated. 

When I ask for a comfortable hotel for a few days in Shiraz and you book a hotel room without telling me that there is no toilets in the room and that I have to walk outside to go to the bathroom, again, I am frustrated.

Overall I am very satisfied with your services. I am now thinking of going back to Iran, this time to visit the northern part of the country. I will certainly let you know when I am ready.

Thanks for everything and give my best regards to every body in the office.


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