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Tour:Classic tour

Duration:13 Days

Date: Apr 2017

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Feedback from our (South African / Canadian tour

I will indeed post comments on your website. I will after catching up with work here, also send your comments.

For now suffice to say that the trip was superb. Fatima and I both loved Iran, the culture, the people, the history and above all how wonderfully Iranians have developed the country and its infrastructure in the face of sanctions and biased western medi.

The tour guides were wonderful and we were able to engage in deep discussions with all of them.

We will definitely be recommending Arian and its guides to all our friends, in Canada and in South Africa. 

 “The visit to Iran was one of the most memorable we’ve ever made. The history, culture and people of Iran are magnificent.

Everywhere we went people  were extremely welcoming, approached us with great warmth,  introduced themselves and we were able to engage and invariably we were invited to their homes. If there was more time we would have accepted the many invitations to visit people homes.

The Tour was extremely well organized. The tour guides were warm, kind, competent  and very knowledgeable.

The hotels were all good and the food was wonderful.”

Below are some thoughts for Arian:


As I mentioned in an earlier mail the tour was superb. I am recommending to all my friends that they should go to Iran. Here are a couple of additional comments that you may find useful.


  1. The tour guides, Mohsen, Saeed and Yahya are all wonderful people and very knowledgeable and very easy to engage with. They most certainly added great value to our trip. They are your frontline with guests and as a Management Consultant I would say they are your most valuable assets. Please do convey this to them and look after them.
  2. The hotels were all good. Specific comments:
  3. Tehran. The Sharh was good. You can see that in its heyday it must have been very grand. Even now it is splendid. The only issue is that it is far from the centre of Tehran where most of the museums etc. are located and in the very busy traffic it does make for long travel times.
  4. The Park in Shiraz is also very good. The best aspect for us was the wonderfully peaceful and perfumed terrace. I could have sat there all day.
  5. The guest house in Yardz is utterly charming as were the architect owner and her colleagues.
  6. The Partikan in Esfahan is also very good. Best part is the proximity to Imam Square.
  7. In Keshan the Mahinestane hotel is magnificent. We had a room outside the main courtyard. Even if rooms are more expensive in the main courtyard I would suggest you recommend this to all.
  8. In Meshaad the hotel was excellent and best is the location a stomes thrpow from the Shrine.

Mohamed Farouk Bhyat

Director and Senior Consultant

Organizational Knowledge Management Systems Canada

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