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Tour: In the Heart of Empire Tour

Duration: 15 Days

Date: May-June 2015

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All was good - the only thing to highlight would perhaps be the car travel. With both Farid and Ali we had 405s, which were ok but had little / no air-con and the two days driving to and around Shustar was incredibly hot (50^). I know the period was not the best but maybe you may want to warn older travelers that private car travel in may-june can be a little hard if you don't have modern cars or minibuses. More use of flights might be helpful but I am aware of safety issues of Iranian carriers. 

Both Farid and Ali were flexible and did all they could to help us and do what we wanted so definitely would recommend working with them, especially if you have clients that are younger than the average pensioner!

I have attached some pictures.


jon & marta

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