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Tour: Cycling Tour

Duration: 14 Days

Date: April 2015

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After 30 years’ experience in operating cycling tours in the Fast East and Mainland China, we have decided to explore cycling tours to exotic countries. Iran was our first target and following with Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, etc.

In July 2014, we have made contacts with dozens of potential tour agents in Tehran. After months of discussions with them and we finally chosen Arian Tour to be the land operator for our first cycling tour to Iran.

Although Arian Tour frankly expressed that they have no experience in receiving big group more than 15 persons at that time, we took their sincerity, enthusiasm and passion in providing good tour services to their customers. In our discussions during the months for preparation for our tour, Arian Tour has shown their best to fulfill whatever we suggested/requested. They took the initiative to acquired new gears just because of our needs, such as panic tables, stools, tents, etc.

Our group of 29 people finally arrived Tehran on April 3, 2015 for a 14-days cycling tour. In the first two days, we have a few mishaps which were mainly due to cultural difference and various expectations. However, those were quickly smooth out after the involvement of Ali, the Manager of Arian Tour.

During our two weeks in Iran, we all had wonderful experience with the land and people in this nice country. The cycling routes proposed by Arian Tour were excellent although a couple detours had to be made due to bad weather, but who cares!

All the staff of Arian Tour had shown their professionalism and expertise. They are friendly, helpful and effective. Special appreciation and credit shall be given to Maryam Karamdoust, the Head Guide, and Mohsen Mohamadi, the Cycling Guide, who made everything possible. Of course, we must mention the nice food prepared by Mona and Ali, and the other Ali who took care of the transportation as well as the other 2 Mohamad who took care our daily wellbeing.

To conclude the service of Arian Tour in our perspective of a professional, there are still rooms for improvement in receiving big group of 30 people or more. We are preparing a detail report to them in this respect. In any event, we have good confidence in them and plan for the second tour to Iran this October with Arian Tour again. As we believe and as always, Arian Tour will do their best to meet customer satisfactory in whatever the cost!

Fred Yu
Hong Kong Cycling Tour Association

May, 2015

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