Group From Bulgaria 2

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Tour: Iran Classic tour

Duration: 10 Days
Date: April 2015
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Dear Ali,
One great Bulgarian-Iranian MERCI for the professionalism and friendship.
It was wonderful to meet you and Mariam in Tehran! We would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy professional and personal lives to meet us, for the warm welcome and for the professional attitude. We would very much appreciate your assistance in all our tour.
In addition, we are sharing with you some of the photos we made throughout the tour in your beautiful country with good and human Iranian people.
Again, it was wonderful to meet each of you. We highly appreciated the energy and interest that you brought to all of us, thank you for the friendship, professionalism and excellent service, and we hope you will stay in touch. 
Kind regards:
Sofia Air Tour
Violeta Bochnakova
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