Individual Tourist From Russia

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Tour: Iran Sightseeing

Duration: 14 Days

Date: September 2014

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I found the Arian Tour accidently. I was looking for a tour operator which could manage my Iranian trip. The Russian companies wanted a lot of money for individual 2 weeks trip. And Arian Tour was very reasonable, comparing prices, offered by Russian operators. Sure, I had some fears on the condition that I have to pay forward 50% of the price of the trip to some other company outside Iran. However, I got the references from the other tourists, who used the services of the Arian Tour before, that this is an ordinary practice for Iran because of the sanctions effect. So I made the payment.


 Ali, the manager of Arian Tour made visa application for me for I could receive it in the airport upon arrival, so I did not have any problems with it (just paid the 40 euros fee at the airport).


 The reality I have faced was far from I was expecting to see. I was sure that Iran is full of Islamic radicals. But I can hardly say I have met any. The Iranian people turned out to be very hospital, friendly, opened to any communication with foreigners, often in quite good English. They are fond of having their picture being taken (and never ask money for that;) ). I never felt discomfort or worrying walking along at night in big cities. It seems that the level of crimes in Iran is really very low.

 The trip was organized very well. Ali took me from Tehran to Kashan through the desert by his off roadster car, which was interesting experiences. Ali booked me fairly comfortable VIP buses from Kashan to Isfahan, from Isfahan to Yazd, and the flight from Yazd back to Tehran. Friendly guides, who speak good English, escorted me in every city, providing with complete information on any question I wanted to learn. The hotels were over my expectations too.


 I can highly recommend Ali and his Arian Tour for anyone who would like to visit Iran. Please do not hesitate to ask me anything concerning my experience of my visit. My address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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