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Tour : in the Heart of the Empire  

Duration : 14 Days

Date : September  2015

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I had a fantastic trip to Iran in September, travelling to Tehran, Isfahan, Yazd and Shiraz. In every city I visited, I had very thoughtful, kind and intelligent guides who were both knowledgeable about Persian history and very capable of fine-tuning the tour to my needs and interests. Before I arrived in Iran, I was quite nervous about travelling alone as a young woman, however, Ali dispelled some of these fears, assuring me that I would be safe. My guides also did the everything possible to ensure that I enjoyed my trip and felt comfortable at every moment. Whilst I was in Iran, I always felt very comfortable and when I encountered issues, Maryam was incredibly helpful, looked after me and made sure I enjoyed the whole trip. They also made the process of getting a visa very easy despite the fact that I had left it to the last minute. 

I was very grateful for prompt replies to emails and their ability to fix any problems I encountered to ensure I had the best possible trip. Arian Tours are very reliable and dedicated to providing an excellent experience of Iran. I would recommend them highly. 

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