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Tour :Iran Classic

Duration : 11 Days

Date : October  2015

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Iran is, as I expected, very safe country with friendly people. Last safe to travel at Middle East. Service is great, roads better than Poland. Infrastructure, hotels old and used, no competition and investments due to embargo. Monuments very interesting, like Uzbekistan + Persepolis. We were often considered as American or British due to color of Michelle, but not even one negative attitude, just friendliness. Attitude is similar to that You were able to notice at ex communist countries of Eastern Europe 30+ year ago. Curiosity and friendliness to foreigners, they like to test their English, ask many questions, invite. No harassment like other Arabic countries or India, bazaars and medinas mostly orientated to local clients, no cheating. I found that a bit similar to Syria from before the war. Typical Mid East Sheherezada tale.  Alcohol ban makes also some positive impact, no drinkers at the evening, no clubbing, pubbing etc. People gather to talk, discuss, eat, read poems or listen to music.

Nature is pure and because of very few backpackers and vast area You can lose Yourself at the desert, very differently than UAE or Tunisia. And that is safe as well.


And best Guide NIMA.

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