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Tour :In The Heart Of Empire

Duration : 14 Days

Date : September – October  2015

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It way my third trip when we arrived to IKA Airport end of September.We that means my 80 years od father and his wife, my husband and I (in our fifties).

It was our first time, though to have some troubles getting the Visa at the Airport. We did not get the reference number before arriving in Iran and the gentlemen at the Visa Office was little amused of this fact. So he let us wait for 3 hours. For me – knowing and loving Iran already – this was no problem. But the rest of our group did not feel welcome at first.

But then we met Saeid, the guide arian tour has organized for us. Within an hour we forgot the immigration. Saeid was amazing: the drove very carefully and made us feel secure and welcomed from the first minute. His knowledge about Tehran and the history of Iran was simply great. The traffic in Tehran is pretty crazy – but also very fascinating. In the evening we were visiting the TV tower. We simply loved the view on the city from high up there.

We did a pretty big and intensive tour: from the capitol we drove to Hamedan to visit the monument of Esther and Mardochai. We travelled on Kashan, Abyane, Isfahan, Yazd and Persepolis and Shiraz. Saeid was with us until Abyane – a small village in the mountains where all the soil is read. I think it is a great place to take a break from the vibrant Iranian cities. I love this place.

The people of Iran are very friendly. They like to talk to foreigners. “Hello where you’re from? Welcome to Iran” were things we heard several times every day. I wish we had just a little bit of the hospitality of the Iranians with us in Switzerland!

We had a great journey, enjoying every bit of it (I do not Taroof!). Especially the sunset at Persepolis was simply overwhelming.

I highly recommend Arian Tour for anybody. They solve every problem and we will be back. That is sure


Pia Colombo

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